• The Top 5 Study Options in Australia That Don’t Require a Higher Education
    The Top 5 Study Options in Australia That Don’t Require a Higher Education


    If you’re considering going abroad to study English, then Australia could be an excellent option. Not only does the country have some of the best English schools in the world, but there are also plenty of other options for you to pursue. In this article, we will explore five of these options so that you can decide which one is right for you!

    1) TAFE

    TAFE offers vocational education and training in a wide range of areas, from accounting and administration to hair and beauty, engineering, and more. You can study full-time, part-time, or even online, making it a flexible option for those who want to continue working while they learn. Plus, TAFE courses are often cheaper than university degrees, making them a great option for those on a budget. What’s more, they offer financial assistance programs to help cover the cost of tuition fees. So if you’re looking for…

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  • Explore Different Plumbing Careers in Melbourne! 

    Plumber is a very broad term that covers a huge range of different career pathways! If you are considering becoming a plumber and getting work experience through a plumbing apprenticeship in Melbourne, here’s some insight from MAG Group into the different directions these apprenticeship jobs can take you. 

    The eight classes of plumbing work 

    In Victoria, plumbing work is classified into eight different classes. During your plumbing apprenticeship in Melbourne, an apprenticeship provider like MAG Group can give you exposure to all these so that you can decide where you want to specialize. The eight classes include: 

    • Fire protection – Including suppling, installing, maintaining, and repairing fire hydrants, fire hose reels, sprinkler and fire pump set systems. 
    • Drainage – Installing, maintaining, and repairing drainage systems in new and existing developments, commercial and industrial buildings, and homes. 
    • Gas fitting – Inspecting, installing, maintaining, and repairing gas lines, including heating units, appliances, regulators, and meters. 
    • Water supply – Installing and maintaining water supply systems, working on new and existing commercial and residential buildings, and in civil work projects. 
    • Sanitary – Working to deliver clean water and remove waste, preventing water wastage, ensuring disease control, and installing and maintaining waste removal and filtration systems. 
    • Mechanical services – Suppling, installing, maintaining, and repairing equipment and systems for heating and cooling. 
    • Irrigation – non-agricultural – Supplying, installing, and maintaining irrigation systems that provide an artificial supply of water to parks, private and public gardens, and sporting grounds. 
    • Roofing – stormwater – Developing and maintaining roofing systems that effectively protect buildings from water damage, ensuring water run-off is properly managed. 

    How to specialise 

    To specialize in any of these areas, you will need to take specific courses included in the CPC40912 Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services training program. You will also need access to apprenticeship jobs in these specialties in order to complete your training, which is why it’s essential to connect with the MAG Group, as we can connect you to reputable, ethical employers for your plumbing apprenticeship in Melbourne. 

    At MAG Group, we’ll ensure that you only go to qualified, quality plumbing apprenticeship jobs, and we’ll help you manage your performance, ensure you are paid, registered, and insured, and give you access to plumbing apprenticeships in Melbourne, Victoria, ACT, or any other region in Australia. MAG Group apprenticeships are about mentoring and supporting you as much as they are about meeting the construction industry’s labour needs! 

    Speak to our team today about getting a MAG Group plumbing apprenticeship in Melbourne, Victoria, and other territories. 

  • Top 10 tips for hiring apprentices
    Top 10 tips for hiring apprentices


    Here is a piece I wrote for Success at School on the top 10 tips for hiring apprentices.


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  • Full Time Jobs Melbourne – Apprentice Plumbers

    Jobs in Melbourne Australia

    Full Time Jobs Melbourne – Apprentice Plumbers
    Address: Melbourne
    Detector Inspector

    About Us

    At Detector Inspector we are passionate about safety and compliance, we have been making homes safer for over 15 years!

    We are proud of our people and our work. From the office to the field, we are a team of people who sincerely care. Being one of the original testing and maintenance service suppliers to the real estate industry for smoke alarms, gas, electrical, corded blinds, and water efficiency, we strive to make a difference every day.

    We visit over 300,000+ properties nationally with a mission to make every home in Australia safer.

    Detector Inspector is an essential safety service and the demand for our services is a legislated requirement in Victoria. As such, we have continued to operate normally throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, albeit with some additional safety precautions.

    About the role

    With our large supporting…

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  • July 2022 – Wage Increases for the Construction Industry

    In July, minimum wages for the construction industry are increasing by 2.5%. This will be implemented from the first full pay period from this date. Here’s more information on this news as well as how the apprentice wage subsidy can be applied to keep costs down and deliver the next generation of skills – from the leading apprenticeship group in Australia, MAG Group

    Inside the new minimum wage for the construction industry 

    This new minimum wage came as a result of the Australian economy recovering faster than anticipated from the impact of the pandemic thanks to increased household spending, higher demand, and fiscal policies. It was decided that it was appropriate to increase the NMW and adjust modern award minimum wages. The affected awards include: 

    • Plumbing and Fire Sprinklers Award 2020 
    • Joinery and Building Trades Award 2020 
    • Mobile Crane Hiring Award 2020 
    • Building and Construction General On-site Award 2020 
    • Electrical, Electronic and Communications Contracting Award 2020 

    Will the apprentice wage subsidy be continued? 

    Currently, the 50% apprentice wage subsidy has been extended until June 30th, 2022, but there is no news yet on whether this will be extended or modified. Construction and civil businesses can also currently access the benefits of the Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements program and the Completing Apprenticeships Commencements program, which apply to apprentices of different levels of an apprentice. 

    Hiring an apprentice? Speak to MAG Group – a nationwide apprenticeship group in Australia 

    MAG Group makes hiring an apprentice easy because we hire them ourselves – not you. That means we background check, manage, and administrate apprentices for you, eliminating the hassle of hiring an apprentice. This also means that our solution is fully flexible, so you can hire a tradie for as little as one week, making apprentices very accessible as well as giving you great cost savings on your project. Contact MAG Group today to work with the best apprenticeship group in Australia. 

  • Lesson 90: The ideal apprenticeship job, and why.

    The ideal apprenticeship job should be teaching you something important that you can’t learn from learning material. That is a simple way of putting it. It may teach you how to work with customers, how to work with you hands, work with a team, how to hold a job, or how to get into the […]

    Lesson 90: The ideal apprenticeship job, and why. — CedricCoons
  • Do You Have to Be Qualified to Be a Roofer?
    Do You Have to Be Qualified to Be a Roofer?

    The Guppy Trends

    You need to be familiar with the qualifications required for roofers before you start. This is because you’ll be competing against peers who already have this skill. High school graduates or GED holders often have an edge over untrained candidates, and it’s better to have some education to give yourself an advantage. High school courses can also help you prepare for a career once you graduate.

    Qualifications to be a roofer

    To be a roofer, you will need to be comfortable working on a roof made of different materials. Some roofs are flat while it slope others. Because you’ll be outdoors, it is important to have good physical fitness. If you’re unsure about your physical capabilities, you can always enroll in an apprenticeship program. Apprentices learn the trade by working under an experienced roofer. This training is typically two years in length.

    While there aren’t any particular licensing requirements…

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  • The Best Place to Source Australian Apprenticeships for the Construction Industry

    Employing an apprentice is a key way to get the skills and labour your business needs to complete a project. But how do you find Australian apprenticeships for the construction industry? And how can you make this simple, easy, and rewarding? With MAG Group, of course. Here’s how it works. 

    Who is MAG Group? 

    MAG Group, or MAG Apprenticeships, is an organization dedicated to solving the labour skills shortage in the civil and construction industry. With decades of industry experience, we create viable pathways for employers to engage apprentices – helping apprentices get the job experience they need to build a fulfilling career while ensuring our industry gets the team that they require to get the job done. 

    Essentially, we are your middleman.  We take on the responsibility of employing apprentices full-time, so you don’t have to. That means you get the low risk, affordable, and flexible workforce you need, while the next generation of construction skills is passed on. 

    What are the benefits of employing an apprentice through MAG? 

    • Flexibility – The problem with employing an apprentice yourself is that you don’t always have enough work for them, or work coincides with their other training. MAG Group eliminates this, letting you employ an apprentice on an as-needed basis from as little as one week. 
    • Performance – We manage the performance of your apprentice through our team, regularly talking with your team, supervisors, and apprentices to keep everyone on the same page – and on track. 
    • OHS & compliance – We ensure all aspects of the apprentice placement is fully compliant and can help your business reach and maintain necessary compliance. We also utilise a Host Employer Agreement that ensures clear obligations and responsibilities on your part and on the part of the apprentice. 
    • Trades – We offer apprentices for all civil and construction trades, giving you a large database of apprentices to utilise. This includes electrical, plumbing, fire sprinkler, carpentry, formwork, shopfitting, joinery, plastering and painting apprentices, and much more. 

    Find Australian apprenticeships for your business today 

    To find work in your chosen trade, simply sign up on our website and our team will connect you with appropriate building and construction apprenticeships. We ensure that every successful candidate is professionally managed, employed in safe and fully compliant environments, and given the best opportunities to build a rewarding career. Contact us today about Australian apprenticeships for the civil, building and construction industry from the MAG Group. 

  • Top 10 Best Temporary Fencing Services in West Melbourne

    The Life of Hendriksen 982

    For tradies, our platform helps you grow your business by providing quality leads from customers looking for a specific trade. Citiwest Handyman offers a service with a difference. You will require a two-person operation and will be installing, dismantling, transporting and unloading temporary fencing throughout the Melbourne Metro… 1300TempFence temporary fencing systems fully conform to all government and local council legislation requirements. See the best affordable Fencings servicing Truganina, VIC as rated by real customers.
    You should have an eligible permit under stage 4 restrictions to carry out the task. Hire of Temporary Mesh Fencing for both Residential and Commercial building and construction sites. Family owned and run business servicing the entire Melbourne Metro and semi rural areas at very competitive rates. Parks Victoria installed the temporary fencing on 16 December 2020. This increased the height of the fence and reduced the impact of windblown serrated tussock seed from the…

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  • How to Choose an Electrician Melbourne

    If you need to hire an Electrician Melbourne, there are a few things you need to look out for. These professionals are all licensed and insured and offer competitive rates. If you are looking for someone to help you with your electrical needs, Jims Electrical is one of the best options. They offer competitive rates […]

    How to Choose an Electrician Melbourne — Titanium Electrical
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